We put communities at the heart of communication.

We are a small team of journalists, digital storytellers and development workers who are excited about the power of citizens to spark change and inform action.

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What we do

We train networks of citizen reporters from some of the world’s most marginalised communities and enable them to share their news and stories globally via basic mobile phones.

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Why we exist

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We believe that voices from the margins make a real difference to society. Our vision is a fully inclusive world, where everyone enjoys their right to speak and be heard on issues that most affect their lives.

"With On Our Radar, old systems are being challenged" - Otorme Ukiri, Niger Delta

"For me, On Our Radar is power to the unheard" - Seray Bangura, Sierra Leone

"I've spent most of my life alone - this gives me the opportunity to talk about these issues" - Philip Watmough, UK

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