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On Our Radar is a non-profit organisation founded in 2012. We support remote and marginalised communities to influence policy makers, service providers and public perception by enabling them to share their news and stories via basic mobile phones.

We believe that voices from the margins can make a profound difference to society. Our vision is a fully inclusive world, where everyone enjoys their right to speak and be heard on the issues that most affect their lives.

What we do

In an era where citizens are both producers and consumers of powerful information, mobile has opened a gateway for fresh insight and a deeper understanding of the issues that impact on people’s lives.

We are working to turn around traditional models of information sharing by creating new networks of citizen reporters living on the margins of mainstream society.

  1. Through training we build their skills to document incidents and issues that affect them and their communities
  2. Through appropriate, low-cost technology we enable them to share information via basic mobiles without the need for local internet access
  3. Through tailored support, we develop their reports and stories to ensure the information reaches the people that need to know, in a form that enables them to take action.

In this way, we push for genuine inclusion in decision-making and authentic representation in public dialogue. Not only does this model help to boost the confidence and capacity of those we work with, it helps to improve public services and contributes to more efficient, fairer societies.

Our values
Our values drive everything we do. We operate by a core set of founding values and beliefs that:

  • Listening and dialogue are the most important elements of communication
  • Democracy of voice is a benefit to everyone
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing will change the world faster and better
  • Treating people with dignity and respect should be at the heart of a successful organisation
  • Safety should always come before a scoop
  • Just because it hasn’t been done before doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be

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