What others say:

zoe murphy bbc outside source

“I have been struck by the talent and dedication of On Our Radar reporters in Sierra Leone. Amjata Bayoh is a case in point. He has helped us reach people directly affected by Ebola, working under very difficult circumstances, with vulnerable contributors. The stories we’ve heard are a valuable contribution to our continued Ebola coverage on Outside Source.” 

– Zoe Murphy, BBC Outside Source

caroline bannock guardian

“Your reporters are doing such a great job in horrific circumstances – I shall make sure we can use them as much as possible in the Guardian’s reporting.”

– Caroline Bannock, The Guardian

“The team at On Our Radar worked tirelessly to get us on-the-ground reports from Sierra-Leonians on what everyday life is like under the spectre of Ebola. Their voices gave a vivid picture and were full of emotion: from the fear of being cut off from family; to outrage at the loss of work and income; to the sheer boredom of not being able to hang out with your mates and watch football. They helped to take us away from hospital tents and Western charity workers to give us the story of the real lives and real people.”

– Stephanie Degroote, Senior Producer, Sky News