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The communications agency for

unheard communities.

Our work
We work with communities who hold deep insight into some of the world's most complex issues. We tackle the lack of agency, connectivity or resources that prevents them from sharing their knowledge, experiences and concerns.

Our partners
We work best in partnership; helping media, development and research organisations to better understand, support and engage with vulnerable communities, while benefiting from their expertise.

Our team
We are an award-winning interdisciplinary team of journalists, software architects and development consultants. We develop solutions to bridge communications gaps between isolated groups and influential communities.

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What we do


We support NGOs and charities to involve communities in participatory advocacy and fundraising, improving the authenticity of communication through rich, real human stories


We support governance bodies and development organisations to set up community reporting networks that inform and improve accountability


We work with media houses to invest in citizen journalism networks in newsworthy situations and co-produce digital media features on uncovered issues


We work with evaluators and research institutions to establish new mechanisms and methodologies that enable real-time research to be sourced from within hard-to-reach communities

Our projects are as diverse as the communities we work with and bespoke to the partners we support.

Here are a few that we are proud of:


Who we've worked with

And what they say about us

  • I have been struck by the talent and dedication of On Our Radar reporters in Sierra Leone. The stories we’ve heard are a valuable contribution to our continued Ebola coverage on Outside Source.

    , Zoe Murphy, BBC Outside Source

  • Your reporters are doing such a great job in horrific circumstances – I shall make sure we can use them as much as possible in the Guardian’s reporting.

    , Caroline Bannock, The Guardian

  • The team at On Our Radar worked tirelessly to get us on-the-ground reports from Sierra-Leonians... They helped to take us away from hospital tents and Western charity workers to give us the story of real lives and real people.

    , Stephanie Degroote, Sky News

Who We Are

We are a team of creatives, designers and developers who specialise in communication. We work with you to design solutions that amplify the voices of unheard communities and engage them as experts on their own lived experiences.

Libby Powell

Founding Director & CEO


Responsible for keeping the ship sailing. Former development journalist & aid worker. Excited about problem-solving, tech and storytelling.

Tobias Quinn

Head of Technology


Responsible for keeping messages flowing & servers serving. Skilled in systems architecture. Excited about connecting people in difficult to reach communities.

Paul Myles

Head of Editorial


Making sure reporters’ stories have maximum impact. Ex-investigative journalist for C4. Believes the best & most powerful stories come straight from the source.

Matt Halstead

Head of Operations


Responsible for keeping the boat afloat. Skilled in management, strategy and sustainability. Excited about creating a strong bedrock for community innovation and pioneering human development.

Eleanor Brown

Finance & Operations


Helping to keep the ship steady. Supports financial management and project logistics. Former life in Zambia & Botswana.


We don’t have any vacant positions right now, but we’re always keen to hear from people who can offer relevant skills and experience. Please get in touch!

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