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Behind the mask

– Amjata Bayoh – Freetown to Bo

“I was in Bo to train Health workers in Infectious Disease Management. What they are to do to reduce the risk of contracting the Ebola examples safely putting on and off PPE that was my Community Health Advocates Job I am doing for West African Medical Missions Job and was also doing the Radar job by reporting”.

“Space suit, apron, boots, respirators, face-shield, gloves, goggles are all examples of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).”

What does it feel like working in your suit?

Its really hurts that’s why our Health workers needs to be credited they are really heroes. I am happy to do this job because I am helping to teach health workers on how to reduce the risk of getting infected with the virus. I am helping to preserve the lives of our Heroes.

Kudos to all health workers in the front line of the Ebola fight. A fight we must win EbolaMustGo and Sierra Leone will remain

Its really hurts as it is not advice able to be inside the space suit PPE for more than 45 minutes after every 45 minutes you need to go and undress so you can ventilate your system because while you are dressed in PPE you sweat a lot and lose a lot of fluid, so it is advisable able to replace the fluid lost by drinking water