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Two chiefdoms arrange joint lockdown to combat Ebola

– John F Sillah

Kabala, the largest town of Koinadugu District, northern part of Sierra leone is divided into two chiefdoms – Wara Wara chiefdom and Sengbe chiefdom. These chiefdoms have come together to fight against Ebola in the district and have proposed a one day lockdown.

The paramount chief of the Wara Wara chiefdom says they have trained some youths to go house to house to know numbers of people that live in each house and to find out whether there are any sick people living there so they are able to direct them to a health-centre for treatment.

In Kabala, people are currently out in the markets buying food, preparing for the lockdown tomorrow [Saturday 29th November] when there will be no movement.



-Amadu Bah

The one day lockdown in Kabala township is going on peacefully. The two chiefs in the chiefdom are working street to street talk to their people about Ebola. More over, the police are working with them. Even the youth move house to house to find out how many men or woman live in each household. 

– Mariama Jalloh

The First Lady, Siya Nyama Koroma has given food and non-food items to the quarantine home in Koinadugu District.