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Malaria campaign in Koinadugu

[Jim Gathany]

[Jim Gathany]

– John F Sillah

From the 5-8 December, 2014 there will be a door to door Malaria campaign in the Koinadugu District, northern part of Sierra Leone. According to a health-worker, they decided to do a door to door campaign because some people have not only died of Ebola but of Malaria. Early symptoms of Malaria can be similar to Ebola and health-workers want to fight the disease by passing on information and giving out Malaria drugs to each person from the age of six months and above. In Koinadugu District, we have 11 chiefdoms but for now they are door to door campaigning in only three chiefdoms – Sengbe, Wara Wara and the Nieni chiefdom.