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Christmas in quarantine




Moses Kortu (Koindu)

I’m Moses F James calling from Koindu Eastern province of Sierra Leone in Kailahun district. Usually, before Ebola, at the time of this festival [Christmas] people usually used to dance on the streets. The majority of people usually go to church on the 21st evening to observe the practice according to Christian tradition that Jesus was born on the 25th. But now, at this Ebola time it has come to no celebration this season and this has caused lots of difficulties between people. Because of Ebola [there has been] no marketing, no jubilation. Everyone should stay at home. In fact, the government have restricted movement from the 20th – no one should move from one district to another district. Every Sierra Leonean must get out to fight against Ebola disease so things will come back to normal.


Mariama Jalloh (Kabala)

We are not going to celebrate it, everyone is going to celebrate it in his own house and all those who are in quarantine have to stay where they are. Where we are right now, we’ve been under quarantine for five days. When there is no problem, we usually celebrate it by going in the church, lots of praying, people go out and dance, some go to the club and enjoy each other, interact. But now there is an outbreak, no one is going to do that because the president has already passed the order that everyone will be in his own house because of Ebola.

John F Sillah (Kabala)

My name is John F Sillah. First of all the Christmas celebration in Sierra Leone is not going to be because of the Ebola outbreak. But the good news in Koinadugu, For 3 days we are not getting any cases in Nieni chiefdom. For the Christmas celebration the government have passed the law that we should stop to go district to district. From now to January, there will be no business for people on Sundays. So that’s become a problem. The business people have raised a concern. For the celebration of Christmas, some people used to come and go district to district to come and celebrate Christmas with their families and their friends but for this time, no Christmas. No movement within the district, everybody will stay at home and meditate what is happening. The government have passed the law that only the Christians need to go to the church; after church they go back to their home to celebrate in their home.