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Disabled protest food shortage during lockdown

– Amadu Bah

‘On the 27 Dec,2014. Disabled persons protested in Makeni due to lack of food [during the lockdown], however the regional commission north of the national commission of person with disability (N C P W D) – Alie Martin Sesay – with support of the city council remedied the situation’.

– Sixty Kamara

‘Due to intervention of d National Commission and the Makeni city council that provided food the protesters, [they] were controlled without any arrest and the protest was put to an end. At 11:00 am [on 27th December] a meeting was held by the leaders of the commission and the government’.

‘The lockdown was impromtu. Why [this] decision making is the issue with some leaders of government, especially the resident minister north, [is because] he never consulted others before [deciding on a local lockdown]’.