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No new Ebola cases in Kailahun

[credit: Aliman5040]

-Moses Kortu 

I am Moses James from the Kailahun Distirct. My community is the first that was hit by Ebola in Sierra Leone sometime in May and destroyed hundreds of lives in my community.

Ebola has left the closure of schools, the closure of banks, the closure of shops. Nobody is allowed to go to school or move from one place to another.

From December 12 till now, we have not got any new cases in the district.

But we are not getting back to normal life yet, schools are closed, marketing is only allowed from 7am-6pm – these are the rules. Banks are only open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The Ebola outbreak has left a lot of orphans and widows and these Sierra Leoneans don’t have any proper care. There are a lot of children on the streets who don’t have parents. Without support, they’re not going to have access to education.

My community have all abided by the rules. For example – no body contact, when somebody is sick we don’t touch sick people. When somebody dies we should not touch him – we contact the Ebola team. And that’s how Ebola came out of this community.