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“Food items are not satisfactory” for those living in the slums

People have been asking to be quarantined in Magazine, a slum in Freetown

– Mohamed Kamara

As the country thinks of ending the fight against Ebola, so the spread continues to extend to places that have never had any cases.

There is a new confirmed case in the heart of Magazine [a slum in Freetown]. Today a dead body and sick one were taken by the response team.

As we have witnessed the Ebola in our community, shaking hands after prayers is prohibited and standing close [to each other] should stop for now – the Imam of Magazine advised his people.

Ansumana, from Magazine said, “the food items are not pleasing as they are not enough and satisfactory.”

Other people were using abusive language as they had not been supplied and quarantined since they listed their names.

“This is a big problem as my child is young and I have to do my business to survive, these people that come from the province are hard to deal with,” Kadiatu a mother in a quarantined home said.

Finally the supply came. All of these houses have now been quarantined.

“We were living in peace and never knew what the situation looked like until now that the trouble is upon us. I am now really afraid of Ebola,” Sister Rugie said.

People wish to be quarantined for the supplies. Oxfam gave supplies for drinking and washing hands to the quarantined place in Magazine, they also offered soap and water detergent.

They are not allowed to wash at the public toilet. These quarantined homes are given hanging toilets which they use and wash at the back of their house.