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Applying for jobs in an Ebola zone poses health risks

– Amjata Bayoh, Freetown

Over the past few weeks Students who have completed Senior Secondary School, College Students and others who meet the job requirement have been busy trying to submit their applications against the stipulated deadline at the Statistic Sierra Leone office located at the east of Freetown.

I spoke with Simeone Sahid Sesay – a 23 yrs student – who went to drop his application for the Enumerator Position but was unable to do so because of the huge crowd he met at the office trying to drop their own applications.


Simeone Sahid Sesay:

“I want to apply for the Job because I have skills and experience in data entry and I meet the Job requirement.

I feel that applying to work in the upcoming population and housing census is a perfect opportunity to use my skills and experience in the Service of my Country since college is close right now to start my admission process.”

“I went to drop my application on Monday but when I arrived at the office I met more than 200 people mostly youths ahead of me gathered outside the Statistic Office at Kissi in the east of Freetown wanting to drop theirs too.”

I heard some saying they have been at the scene since 6am in the morning. 

I arrived there at 3pm, so base on what I saw I could not have the zeal to wait but to return back home. I am hoping to make another try to drop my application before the deadline close, but If the environment continues to be like what I saw todays visit I have no option but not force myself through the crowd”.


It is very risky and dangerous considering the current status of the Country as we are in the current Epicentre of the Ebola virus disease, Freetown.

 “I suggest next time they make more than one point to drop applications because Freetown is a very big area to have only one point to drop application.”