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Periscope: Live broadcasts from Sierra Leone

In March 2016,  the On Our Radar editorial team travelled to Sierra Leone to meet, and work with, the citizen reporters who had lived and reported throughout the Ebola crisis. Whilst there, the team used the Periscope app to capture real-time reports from around the country. This was the first time On Our Radar citizen reporters had practiced live broadcasting, but, despite connectivity issues, their stories offer compelling insight into their experiences.


Patrick Lahai, Bo

In this Periscope broadcast, Patrick Lahai discusses how he has come to accept his disability.


Elizabeth Katta, Bo

In this broadcast, Elizabeth Katta explains the relationship between Ebola, teenage pregnancy and its physical consequences.

Mariama Jalloh, Makeni

In this broadcast, Mariama Jalloh talks about being  a disabled woman and citizen reporter in Sierra Leone after Ebola.