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After Ebola is a joint project by On Our Radar and New Internationalist to document the long-term impact of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

The world’s media extensively covered the crisis at its peak, but over time, the epidemic’s impact on fragile communities has fallen off the news agenda.

And while millions of donor dollars eventually poured in to help contain and defeat the virus, its after effects – social, cultural and economic – will continue to be felt for years to come.

After Ebola picks up the story where the world left off. A multi-platform project in three parts, it reconnects with On Our Radar’s network of citizen reporters in Sierra Leone to build a comprehensive picture of the disease’s aftermath.

Phase one (where you are now) offers the ‘story behind the story’, a live window on to the recovery stories that reporters are investigating across the country.

These will be the building blocks for a web documentary / digital feature, due to be launched later in the spring. Drawing on the experiences of ordinary Sierra Leoneans, it will offer an intimate window into how communities cope with, and process, an epidemic.

Finally, the June edition of New Internationalist magazine will take a critical look at the humanitarian response. Ebola is not a new disease – it’s been around since 1976 – so why did over 11,000 West Africans die 2014-16? Did we learn the right lessons from the outbreak, and is Sierra Leone ready, should the virus return?

The story behind the story

Citizen reporters trained by On Our Radar have been filing stories from the ground in Sierra Leone for nearly two years. They reported real-time events from their communities during the Ebola outbreak, which gained international news coverage – stories that the mainstream media didn’t have access to.

Now that the country has officially been declared Ebola-free, our citizen journalist network will continue to report the experiences of ordinary Sierra Leoneans in communities where the epidemic has left its mark.

In this section of the site you can get a glimpse of the “story behind the story”. Read raw SMS exchanges from our hub – the central tool for our citizen reporter network – watch Periscope broadcasts that were streamed live from the heart of Sierra Leone, and learn more about our reporters and their stories.


This project has been funded by the European Journalism Centre (EJC) via its Innovation in Development Reporting Grant Programme.




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