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Human Rights Activists encourage young voters

– Okonta Emeka

An Asaba based human rights activist, Comrade Jude Onyemaenu, at a press briefing recently encouraged Nigerian youths to engage in the forthcoming 2015 general elections.

Nigerian youths must never fall into jumping on hopeless political bandwagons that do not secure their future nor promote cultural values that empower youths.

“Do you have your Permanent Voters Card?”

Comrade Onyemaenu asked Nigerian Youths, “do you have your Permanent Voters Card?” He encouraged them by saying, “it is your right to vote, take your destiny into your hands. Religion does not and can’t change our aspirations for this nation’s progressive future.”

He challenged them to vote for visionary and forward thinking leaders. “Nigerian youths must focus on the real issues, let your votes be based on objective thinking. You must be determined and firm, say no to thuggery and rigging, turn down all negative advances from the political class, they don’t mean well for your future with such appeal”, Comrade Onyemaenu said.

“Your vote is not property that should be sold to the highest bidder”

“Ideologies define a leader, it tells us where he stands on important and critical moments, does your choice candidate’s values align with yours?” He queried the youths. “Your vote is not property that should be sold to the highest bidder, it is the currency with which you seek and obtain good governance and development,” Comrade Onyemaenu pointed out.