By Radar

Complaints about missing voter cards in Bayelsa

– Bokolo Nimiteinbofa

Voters cards are being distributed in the INEC office of Nembe Local Government Area (LGA), but some voters have complained at not yet seeing theirs.  Nwosisi Mary, a health worker in Nembe City, places the blame with INEC for this situation: “if people don’t have their PVCs [Permanent Voter Cards], they will not vote and INEC will be at fault.”


Vivian Kenus (pictured above), a trader in Elebele community, complained that the instructions given out by INEC officials had been unclear, saying “they’ve told me to come back early in the morning, to do a queue outside the office. Apparently those who were registered to vote in 2014 will be ok, but I don’t really understand the instructions.”

Nigeria’s security chief Sambo Dasuki last week urged for elections to be delayed to allow more time for voter card distribution.