By Radar

Tensions rising following Gombe suicide bombing

– Glaad Amadi in Rivers State, Damasus Henry in Delta State and Bokolo Nimiteinbofa in Bayelsa

Yesterday, a female suicide bomber blew herself up in Nigeria’s Northern City of Gombe, narrowly missing President Jonathan Goodluck’s motorcade.

Certain residents have placed blame for the attack on the All Peoples Congress, pointing to an increase in tension between supporters of the two main parties. Mr Jackson, a Nembe resident stated, “we are aware that Buhari and Obasanjo of the APC are the brains behind these acts in Nigeria”.

In Nembe,  youths threatened retaliation: “Let Mr. President just sustain injury and those up there [Northern Nigeria] will know exactly what the Niger Delta is made of”.

Minutes after the Gombe bombing, Damasus Henry interviewed another group of young people in Delta State. One of them, who wished to remain unnamed, declared that “if anything happens to Mr President it will be war to the Northerners”.

“If anything happens to the President, even APC will turn against the Northerners”

Cobra Eduera, age 52, offered a different analysis, explaining that “Nigeria is a two party system. Jonathan is an enlightening and a kind leader, but if anything happens to the President, even the APC will turn against the Northerners”.