By Radar

Police & INEC officials demand money in exchange for the right to vote

-Damasus Henry, Delta State

Nigeria’s electoral commission will delay both presidential and legislative elections in an attempt to renew their focus on combating the Boko Haram insurgency in North-East Nigeria, according to the Associated Press.

The run-up to Nigeria’s elections has grown increasingly tense in recent weeks, with population displacement caused by violent combat in the country’s North placing additional pressure on the electoral commission.

Five-hundred Naira demanded for individual voting cards

Yesterday, Damaus Henry reported an example of one of the issues preventing the smooth co-ordination of the election: vote card distribution.

“I went to collect my voters card and police women were demanding five hundred Naira before assisting people to look for their names.” The INEC official involved in the distribution would ask you to buy a “Malta drink” to complete the exchange.

Damasus Henry called the Nigeria Television Authority to try and shed further light on these unauthorised financial exchanges, but before they arrived the INEC officer stopped issuing voters cards.

Footage of the incident was, however, captured on camera.

Police official demands 500 Naira for voter cards
INEC Officer charged with fair distribution of voter cards