By Radar

“At this stage of our nationhood, we need serious prayers”

– Okonta Emeka, Delta State

I will report here various voters’ responses to matters of Insecurity, Corruption and Election Matters in Delta State.

The reactions of some Deltans interviewed recently on some key national issue shows the people’s perspectives on these three issues as not too satisfactory in nature.

“Will there ever be any election in this country?”

Dr Dike Nwaokedi, a public affair analyst, at a recent interview shared his views about some key national issues. When asked about what the people’s expectations of what post election realities may be, his response unveiled some bitterness.

“Will there ever be any election in this country? I for one do not see possibility of election this month. How will election ever hold in this country?” Nwokedi queried.

“With all these Boko Haram and increasing insecurity issues in some parts of Northern Nigeria, how do we think of elections, do we want to put the lives of those poor Northerners in danger? Boko Haram has threatened that over their dead body will elections hold in the north, something has to be done fast about the Boko Haram threats before the nation begins to talk about elections”, Dr Nwaokedi reasoned.

Rev. Ifeanyi Okolo shared similar concerns. “On my own, I sincerely pray that this year’s election holds, Nigerians must pray, and fast, for a peaceful civilian transition. At this stage of our nationhood, we need serious prayers,” Rev. Ifeanyi Okolo pointed out.

“At this stage of our nationhood, we need serious prayers,”

Though many are concerned, there is also optimism in Asaba

Hon Olisa Ndukwe observed, “I am sure and confident that the elections will hold peacefully. The president will overcome the current Boko Haram disturbances.”

“If you ask of my views, I think the people’s desire of their next elected public office holders is not much, in fact Nigerians are the least demanding citizens in the whole world. The people in my opinion just need improved urban and rural infrastructures, steady electricity and better standard of livelihood,” Hon Olisa Ndukwe said.

Comrade Oluchukwu Obidi explained his own optimism during a recent interview. “Currently, at Asaba, we are enjoying peace, there are zero possibilities of politically motivated tensions in the land, we are hopefully looking forward to peaceful elections here at Asaba. Of any possibilities of Boko Haram infiltration in Asaba and Delta State, I can boldly say that such probability is very low.”

Comrade Obidi continued, “I say so because, despite pockets of criminal atrocities of some few elements in the state, generally I think both security and intelligence communities are doing everything within their powers to prevent any such wicked penetration into the land and state.”