By Radar

“Politicians have failed”

– Best Uso reporting

Okuku Oyemechi was interviewed on his take on the upcoming 2015 general election.

What is your take on the upcoming general election?

“Politicians have failed. The ruling party have failed. Oppositions have ever failed them more.”

“Firstly, we expected so much from the current administration, but it delivered so little. We were eager to change it until the opposition accepted in its fold some elements that I will categorically describe as wolves, [and] presented a presidential candidate whose generation is far gone and who didn’t do so much when he was given the opportunity.

Do you think that this election has been dominated with issues that actually concern Nigeria?

“The smearing campaign, the propaganda by the opposition, the campaign of calumny by the ruling party have over shadowed the real issues. The opposition has never accepted that the current administration has done anything good.

This is not acceptable. Instead of the ruling party to point out what it has failed to do and what it will do better, it’s busy smearing the opposition.

So which party will you vote for? 

“The ruling party.”


“It has ben able to sustain this democracy for about 16 years now. The opposition should at least accept this truth and change its presidential candidate.”

When you say the opposition, which party are you referring to?

“The APC, of course.”