By Radar

National Youth Council promises “more grassroots electoral violence prevention activities”

NGO Supports Youths Campaign On Peaceful Elections

The leadership of National Youth Council of Nigeria, Oshimili South LGA Chapter, today received campaign materials on peaceful elections from Port Harcourt based Non Government Organization (NGO), Stakeholders Democracy Network (SDN).

Ahead of the city wide campaign for peaceful elections scheduled to be held this (Saturday 21st March) afternoon, the youth council’s leadership received Information, Education & Communication (IEC) materials such as posters, handbills, fliers, electoral violence rapid response post cards and past SDN event video DVDs.

Making the presentation on behalf of Stakeholder Democracy Network(SDN) at Asaba today, to leadership of the youth council, Comrade Okonta Emeka Okelum, foundation leader, Oshimili Peace Advocates(OPA) thanked the youth body over their commitment at partnering with SDN & OPA on peaceful elections in Oshimili South LGA.

“This partnership is the commencement of more future great opportunities for both youth and community development initiatives.” Comrade Okonta Emeka stressed.

“Stakeholders Democracy Network is committed to the promotion of various community level peace initiatives, youth and community development programs.”

“From the level of involvement and engagement of Oshimili South LGA youths at yesterday’s rally and town hall meeting as well as today’s active participation of the leadership and membership of the youth council, this shows that Oshimili South LGA Youth Leaders are ready to actively partner with Stakeholders Democracy Network, development partners and donor agencies,” Comrade Emeka assured.

The National youth council of Nigeria’s leadership thanked SDN & OPA for the support and promised to sustain the purposes of campaign with more grassroots electoral violence prevention activities.

Widespread support for zero tolerance attitude towards electoral violence

Yesterday, Oshimili Peace Advocates(OPA), National Youth Council of Nigeria(NYCN) and other community based youth groups participated in a town hall meeting and city wide rally on zero involvement of youths in electoral violence.

Both the rally and town hall meeting were sponsored by Stakeholders Democracy Network(SDN).

Youths who participated in the exercise appreciated the sponsors and prayed to be given more of such opportunities, urging more donor agencies to come over to Asaba, the Delta State Capital City to do more youth development programs for Oshimili South LGA youths.

The well behaved and orderly conducts of Oshimili South LGA youths, during the rally and town hall meetings, received high commendation from some highly place Asaba traditional chiefs, community opinion leaders, police and other security operatives newsmen interacted with.