By Radar

Allegations of vote buying in some wards

– On Our Radar Reporters

The election has been widely acclaimed as peaceful despite delays, yet there have been allegations of malpractice in a small number of wards. Our reporters share the news from their polling stations.

Bayelsa¬†interviewed Ruth Amalagha, a voter from Ward 3, Unit 7, Bayelsa state, who said the Youth Corps were telling people it was “compulsory” to vote for their party to get 1000 Naira.¬†He said Corps in Ward 2, Unit 9, was offering the same amount if people voted according to their wishes.

Damasus Henry said people were disappointed that they hadn’t got their promised pay from party canvassers. While Glaad Amadi sent us this mobile picture of her being offered 500 Naira as ‘entertainment’ by canvassers. She also said that sources in her ward reported having been offered 8 million Naira to share among party members in the area.