By Radar

Concern over intimidation tactics mar elections in Tombia, Rivers State

– by Eze Ahuju

Despite widespread reports of peace throughout the Delta region, allegations of PDP voter intimidation and violence are surfacing in certain communities. On Our Radar reporter Ahuju Eze James spoke to voters in Tombia, Rivers State, about the intimidation felt by APC voters in a PDP stronghold.


Eze James interviewed Mr Isaac Dimpake, a card carrying APC member in Tombia, who complained that injustice and insecurity in the area has resulted in a number of people being unable to cast votes for their preferred party. He alleged that “they [PDP supporters] have been targeting old men and women who don’t know their left from their right”, claiming that “elderly men and women or those with low literacy were also deprived of necessary support and unable to cast votes according to their preference.”

Mr Isaac Dimpake went onto suggest that on Friday night, PDP “filled the community with Ijaw Youth Council bouncers.. [who] were attacking APC members and at the same time preventing those returning home to vote from entering the town. They were doing so in presence of soldiers who were so few in number. The caretaker committee chairman and others were injured on Friday.”

Mr Dimpake’s observations come in the wake of reports from Premium Times that armed militias working for the PDP have intensified their killings of All Progressive Congress in Rivers State, marking several more APC members for elimination.

Elections in the majority of the Delta region have been observed in a free and fair manner.