By Radar

One household, one party? Voting as families

As families across Nigeria reunite in their home towns to vote, what pressure is there to toe the same party line? Our reporters respond:

“We want to be one Nigeria. Families tend to be voting for the same party. Violence has occupied families with different parties.” Glaad Amadi, Rivers State.

“My family members are of APC and PDP and it’s now a comedy in my family. Both party members in my family have arranged for drink to jubilate if their party wins tomorrow.”

“My family members and friends are voting for same party. We want a better tomorrow.” Ogbotobo Osita, Delta State.

“Yes, my family and I, as well as my friends will vote for the same party. However, there would be no tensions if there happen to be a difference in choice among family members, because of the high level of voters’ education that exists here.” Roland¬†Digieneni, Bayelsa State.¬†

“My dad doesn’t even know who I am voting for.” Richard Ayeni, Rivers State.