By Radar

“There is calm in the town of Rumuagholu”

Nkaiso Akpan, Rivers State

“There is calm in the town of Rumuagholu as I write. Although some persons are expressing pessimism over the elections, others are optimistic and very positive about tomorrows elections. Suffice to say that those expressing fears are sardonic about the whole situation.

“What have I gained from the previous elections I participated?” asked one senior citizen of the country whose entitlements have been stopped by the government. Another younger citizen lamented that his school had embarked on a strike action, thereby depriving him of a quality uninterrupted education.

Others expressed their fears by saying that they will stay indoors; thereby disenfranchising themselves. The positive ones on the other hand are of the opinion that the elections will be free and fair and no form of violence will be recorded. Some persons cannot wait for dawn.”