By Radar

“I still believe that peace will reign in Rivers during & after elections. My hope is still alive”

– Nkaiso Akpan 

Right now, the peoples ideology on this elections in very poor. 

Speaking with Prince, a 9 year old from Okrika LGA in Rivers who was in company of his mother at the hospital , he said “Buhari is a bad man and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) must win.”

Why would you say that, I asked?

He said he has been listening to the radio and watching the television set, and that all they say about Buhari is bad. As young as he is, he is already sentimental about the elections. We demonize ourselves in the name of scrambling for power.

Again, many people think the All Progressives Party (APC) victory at the centre will affect the allocation of resources to their state if another party takes over the helm of affairs and so they must vote for the same party to enable easy access to funds (just like a father and son relationship).

People no longer think about the manifestos given by the candidates but the antagonising bombs they dole out to each other and their Party names.

Some persons are of the view that it will be tough in Rivers because the two political gladiators were ready to maim to ascend the throne.  Others said they will not leave their houses because of the perceived violence; and that they have never benefitted from any government.

I still believe that peace will reign in Rivers state during and after the elections. My hope is still ALIVE.