About the project

Election season in Nigeria has begun.

This dedicated site allows citizen reporters from communities across the Niger Delta to share the stories that are affecting them and their communities in both the run-up to and aftermath of the elections.

In November 2014, On Our Radar travelled to the Niger Delta to train 36 active community members in basic reporting techniques. Equipped with the skills and means to share stories from the centre of their communities, these Citizen Reporters offer a diverse range of on-the-ground perspectives from remote and marginalised communities.



How does the project work?

SMS communication between reporters and On Our Radar is made possible through a custom-built and encrypted ‘editorial hub’. Existing technologies such as WhatsApp have allowed audio reports to be sent in to the Radar hub, and then edited and curated for the website. For further information or press enquiries, you can send the Radar team a tweet or email.

The project is a collaboration between On Our Radar and the Stakeholder Democracy Network.