Local voices living behind the labour lines - India

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Rickshaw pullers

Every day, these men pull rickshaws across the city, but because they are internal migrants they cannot access basic services. Ashok Jha finds out what could make their lives better. . .


Fulena Paswan, 25: “I will ask them [the government] to provide me some identity document. In absence of this, I am not able to get my wards [children] admitted to any school, I can’t access low cost ration shop, can’t apply for a gas connection and cannot apply for a bank account.”


Gulab Khan: “I would ask for a local identity proof of residence. In absence of this, I cannot apply for a gas connection and have to cook food on kerosene stove which costs us a lot. I cannot get my kids admitted to any school.”


Sanjay Gupta, 30,: “Due to lack of any local identity proof and address proof I cannot own a bank account because they ask for an address proof for this. Not having bank account means I have to keep my hard earned money in my house which one can steal, our slums catches fire regularly and there is chances of my hard earned money going in flame with our other valuables.”

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