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Citizen Reporters


Jagdish Patel, 57, is an activist who has worked in Occupational Health and Safety for over 25 years. He is the Director of the People’s Training and Research Centre (PTRC), Vadodara, which won the American Public Health Association International Award in 2007 for its work on Silicosis. He is also a founding member of The Occupational and Environmental Network of India (OEHNI). After passing his Diploma in Chemical Engineering Jagdish worked in the Chemical Industry for 20 years and then left it to join PTRC in 1998. He has been the Editor of SALAMATI, a Gujarati bimonthly on Occupational Health and Safety, since 1988 and several of his articles have been published in local magazines, newspapers and international journals. Previous roles include Coordinator of OEHNI and the Asian Network for the Rights Of Occupational and Environmental Victims.

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Sudhir Katiyar is the Project Director at Prayas Centre for Labor Research and Action in Gujarat. Prayas is an NGO in India that works to protect the rights of marginalised women, children and young people. The Centre for Labor Research and Action work predominantly with workers in unorganised sectors such as brick kilns, construction sites and cotton picking.


Ashok Jha works for Aajeevika Bureau, an NGO that works with migrants both at source and destination, in southern Rajasthan.


Richa Ramela is the project coordinator at Video Volunteers, an international media organization empowering the voices of the world’s unheard communities. As a trainer and mentor at Video Volunteers, she teaches community correspondents how to shoot with a camera.  Previously working for the Times of India, she can compare mainstream media and community journalism.


Shabnam Begum is a community correspondent at Video Volunteers. Born in 1989 to a Muslim family in Varanasi, Shabanam was always socially excluded. She comes from a background where gender discrimination is at its peak. Shabanam works with NGOs spreading awareness on gender equality and women rights and mobilizes the community and outcasted women.

Mina Jadav, Preeti Ojha and Umesh Kuntar work at the Prayas Centre for Labor Research and Action.

Ramjag Gond and Saroj Paraste are community correspondents at Video Volunteers.