Local voices living behind the labour lines - India


This On Our Radar reporting site offers activists working close to the labour lines in India a chance to share their unique views and experiences of modern day slavery.

Radar is a communication rights organisation, run by a group of dedicated journalists and development professionals, who train and mentor networks of citizen reporters from some of the world’s most marginalised communities. This year Radar trained activists in Ahmedabad and Mumbai to become citizen reporters, empowering them to bring their news and perspectives on modern slavery into the public dialogue.

What became clear during this training is that many people are not getting their voices heard in the debate about how to end modern day slavery in India. This platform aims to amplify the voices of those affected by modern slavery and raise awareness on slavery still exists today and how it can be ended.

The Global Slavery Index estimates that 35.8 million people are affected by modern day slavery, and that 14,285,700 of these people are in India. India ranked first in terms of absolute numbers of people in modern slavery.

To see what the reporters gained from the training visit the Project Blog, or to read their reports visit the Reports page.


The project is powered by Radar and funded by The Guardian Foundation, in partnership with Prayas, Video Volunteers, the Tata Insititute of Social Sciences and the Acharya Marathe College.