Local voices living behind the labour lines - India

The training


In May 2014, Radar ran two training workshops in Mumbai and Ahmedabad for new citizen reporters. The participants were nominated from partner organisations who work closely with labour lines and advocacy groups for workers. The training workshops, held over four days, focused on both confidence and capacity building, looking at ways to share incidents, news and community perspectives on bonded and forced labour and working conditions across India. As mobile is prevalent and affordable, Radar introduced SMS as a reporting tool enabling short reports to be shared with our central news hub from wherever reporters are. A news alert sent by SMS can spark a collaborative investigation or media story, or be shared as a ‘micro-report’ on Twitter and social media channels.

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Participants from Video Volunteers talk about what they learnt during the workshop and what issues they plan to work on.


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“The workshop gave me insight into the approach to news stories…how to make them more readable to audiences, and another aspect was the networking with others in the workshop.” Vaseem Chaudhary

“The workshop was very useful in making us think about how to transform our work into stories. The session on questioning and interviewing was very interesting – even though we’ve been doing this for many years as part of our work, before now we hadn’t had the chance to think and talk about the best ways to interview victims.” Jagdish Patel