Local voices living behind the labour lines - India

Thank you

Without the hard work and dedication of a generous and talented group of individuals, this project would not have been possible.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who played their part.

Editorial support, sources and content management:

Charlie Latimer has been at the forefront of this project from the very beginning. Both her journalistic talent and her ambition to engage with voices on the ground in India have helped drive this project forward. Charlie’s management of the day to day co-ordination with reporters proved invaluable to the evolution of this site.

Vanessa Smart was heavily involved in sourcing and editing many of the audio segments on this site. Vanessa gained the trust of each individual Radar reporter and helped them deliver some of the most powerful reports this project features.

We would also like to thank Emilia Pezzini for her commitment to this project and her ongoing editorial support throughout.

Web development

Rory Gilchrist joined this project as a web developer in November 2014. His professional experience and personal intuition were invaluable to the development of the site. We cannot thank him enough for his hard work.

If you’re like to get in touch with Rory, his website can be found here: http://rorygilchrist.co.uk/